Nana Bio team

Bart van den Bersselaar

Controller of NaNa Bio B.V.

“Organic farming is one of the things that must be done to create a better and healthier world.”

I take care of finance, administration, I advise management on finance matters, I help develop company budgets and I ensure that accounting functions run smoothly.

Dušan Barać

Quality Assurance Department Support of NaNa Bio B.V.

"I work in an organic organization because I appreciate the role of organic agriculture in maintaining environmental health."

I coordinate risk assessments and approvals of suppliers based on documentation and implemented procedures, as well as harmonize customer requirements regarding quality parameters of products that are the subject of trade. I monitor and coordinate the full supply chain process of verification of chemical analysis parameters and the lab analyses.

Josefien van Marlen

Political Project Lead of NaNa Bio B.V.

“I work for NaNa Bio B.V. because I believe the values of the organic sector are worth nurturing and protecting, and that is partly political as well.”

I am responsible for the social media of NaNa Bio B.V. and its oftentimes political messages to the outside world. I coordinate and develop political programs that are rooted in the values of NaNa Bio B.V. I coordinate the NaNa Food Academy; I am a trainer in the Organic Business Leadership Academy; and I make sure other smaller projects and politically inspired ideas from NaNa Bio B.V. come to life.



Farmers are the backbone of all of our organic products. We are connected to thousands of farmers all across the world. We are specialized in dealing with smallholder farming systems in which organic pays out immediately, to improve livelihoods and lives of farmers.


Processing partners

Without our processing partners, we cannot ensure good quality end products. They make our purees; they freeze our fruits and press our juices. We have long-term relations with certified state of the art factories worldwide.


Other service providers

We work together with so many different stakeholders in this field that are oftentimes made invisible. We see the supply chain as a living organism. Without these following stakeholders, nothing happens. They are daily occupied to make operations work to get you the best quality of organic fruits.

Certification bodies, laboratories, service providers, custom clearance, importing, storage, transporters, marketing and communication, ICT, accountants, insurance, umbrella organizations that support us, Triodos bank, colleague competitors, teachers and trainers.